Fine Art Christmas Portraits. 

Last week I had a last minute invite to an outdoors shoot in Dartford. We went to a muddy field, filled with overgrown grass and yet managed to create some stunning heirloom images for the family. To be honest it feels wrong calling them images, I like to think of what we created as art... As so much thought goes into not just the styling and composition but also the editing of the captured images to give them that fine art, painterly quality. These are the perfect types of portrait to hang on the walls and treasure for years to come. These are the family heirlooms that will be there for the generations to come. These are the focal points of family stories. 


And then I got to thinking about Christmas. I know it is going to creep up without me even realising it. Before I know it, it’ll be half way through December and I’ll be having the annual rush to find a gift for the in-laws that shows how truly grateful I am for all the support they have given throughout the year. I’m always looking for something personal, something heart-warming, something that will actually be used and not put in the cupboard along with all those other gifts they don’t need.

These thoughts inspired me to come up with a new Christmas special for 2016.

If you find yourself in the same boat as me each year, hopefully my 'fine art' Christmas special will tick all the boxes and save you hours of trawling the internet and stores for those all-elusive gift ideas.
During October I will be offering a limited number of 20-30 mins outdoors sessions focused on getting around 5 stunning portrait images of you and your family. I will be hand-editing each image in the timeless “fine art” style you can see in the sample images. (I am only doing ten of these sessions, because, as you can probably imagine, there's a lot of time and thought that goes into the editing, and I don't want to rush anyone's edits!)


My packages will include deep frame canvas prints for a classic and timeless look that will suit any walls they adorn! Deep frame canvases combine the best of a framed print, and a canvas; the canvas 'floats' in a 2.5" thick frame. These canvases use only the best quality fine art materials, they are sealed using museum grade UV varnish and then hand finished by skilled craftsmen for the ultimate in quality and longevity. 

They will not disappoint and so they really are the perfect gift for the grandparents. 

I will be releasing the sessions to existing customers next week, and to fan mail list members shortly after, before publicly launching them. If you would like to register your interest, please do join my fan mail list this week to be sure to get the details before general release.

Can’t wait to meet you and your family to create heirloom pieces of wall art for you.

Sara x