I count myself fortunate enough to be invited by a number of local Baby Sensory Class Leaders to come and capture key moments in your baby's first year at some of their special classes dotted throughout the year. I love this, as it means I get to see some of 'my' babies all the way from bump and newborn photos through to turning one and graduating from Baby Sensory. 

This Sunday marks the last of my Pumpkin Ball specials for this year... I'll be sad to mark the end of these themed minis... but also getting quietly excited because the end of the Halloween period means the beginning of the festive season, and that's definitely something to celebrate.

If you didn't have the chance to pre-book your Pumpkin Ball themed mini shoot with me already - don't worry I've kept some spots back for on the day bookings - just come and grab me at the beginning of class to put your name down for one of these spots.

If you're not coming to the Pumpkin Ball then be sure to get yourself booked in for the various Baby Sensory Christmas Specials happening this year with Anna, Sam, Essie, Renee and the rest of the team in SE and E London, and hopefully I'll see you at one of those classes to take beautiful Christmas themed pictures of your little ones. Can't wait. (I've got the sets and props already, I'm so excited!)

Gotta love you and leave you. Enjoy the pics. 

Sara x