About a month ago, a client got in touch to ask if I could shoot a series of 12 photos of their baby girl for them - one for each month of the year - to make into a calendar for the grandparents. 

What an amazing idea! I absolutely fell in love with it. You may have seen the post I put on the Mummy’s Gin Fund Facebook page asking if others liked the idea too. The post went viral. I spent two days (I am not kidding you) replying to people’s comments and messages. 

As a consequence I ended up shooting calendar photos for quite a few families last month. The whole thing got me to thinking though -  if you wanted to capture your own photos for a 2018 calendar, then now is the time to start. 

To get your calendar made and printed in time to gift for Christmas 2017, then you will want to print it towards the end of November2017 (to make use of the amazing Black Friday deals many UK printers are offering at the end of November) or at the latest by the middle of December. 

Each month, capture a photo of your child doing something seasonally relevant, or in an environment that relates to the season. I’ve give some starter themes below, some of the images from my studio calendar shoots, and there's also loads of visual ideas on my Pinterest board here.

Start NOW! Before you take the Christmas decorations down - capture a December themed photo: 
Next to the Christmas Tree,
In front of a fire place (safely!) surrounded by cards & decorations,
Using seasonal props like baubles and gift boxes, santa hats and antler headbands,
Wrap a seasonally themed ribbon around your child’s waist (safely please, never leave your child unattended) and make it into a big bow.
Am sure you can think of plenty more Christmasy ideas!

Jan: Welcome in the new year!

Feb: Valentine’s Day

March: Mother’s Day (Sunday 11th March 2018)

April: Easter (Easter Sunday Sun 1st April) or April showers

May: Free month

June: Father’s Day (Sunday 17th June) / Wimbeldon / June Solstice

July: Celebrate the end of the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Aug: Capture moments out and about enjoying the summer holidays

Sept: Celebrate the autumn - get out in the colourful leaves

October: Halloween

November: Get wintery - get out and about with umbrellas and wellies

Optional Extra: Don’t forget to include your child’s birthday month too

Got more monthly themed ideas? Please do share them below, along with any pictures you take. 

Sara x

PS if you get to October time, and decide you'd like to do a professional calendar shoot, then get in touch as I'll be running studio sessions again.