Want to get that bokeh (pronounced "bouquet") look in your family photos, using your Christmas lights?

This article will give you all the techy info on how to do this and this excellent article also gives more info on how to get this look. But if you prefer something a bit quicker to digest, here's some quick and easy tips to try now:

1. Put baby (or other subject) further from the Christmas lights than the camera is from baby.

2. If you are using a camera, rather than a phone, set the aperture (use aperture priority mode) to the lowest number your camera will go to (it is often called Av or A mode on the top dial of the camera).

That's it!

If you've got a snazzy new iPhone with dual cameras, then set it to Portrait Mode, and away you go :-)

If you'd like more tips on getting the most out of Portrait Mode, try this article here. Again, key here, as with any camera/camera phone, is having more distance between your subject and the background, than you/your camera and the subject).

Want more ideas on how to get the most out of your family snaps on Christmas day - check out my blog from last year.  

Happy snapping.