I am writing this on Thursday 4th July 2019. That means I have 15 days left until my son breaks up for the summer holidays and I’m starting to think about thank you gifts for the teachers, key-workers and TAs. Especially as I remember my good friend sending me this picture last Christmas, of not only her HOME MADE Christmas gifts, for no less than 22 teacher & TAs, but ALSO the home made gift label on each one (featuring one of my portraits of her daughter :-))


Don’t panic, Sara, it’s OK. There’s still definitely enough time to buy something from Amazon (and even wrap it).

Perhaps even enough time to make something personalised and heart-felt. (After all, there are still two whole weekends before schools break up).

I figure lots of us parents are going to be in the same situation. Nursery staff / school staff / key worker… So I thought I would share the ideas I’ve found from various local parents, Pinterest and more.

TOP TIP from Wapping mum of two, and ex-teacher, Helen: “You can team up with other mums in the same class to give collectively. And don't forget the teaching assistants - they work super hard too 🤗"

Helen goes on to say "Some of the loveliest pressies I ever received from my children include hand made cards of thanks and well wishes; a hand painted mug (it's still my favourite 10 years on…)”

Here’s some more home made gift ideas:.

  1. Gift a personalised plant pot with a favourite herb / flower.

  2. Personalised picture frame & message.
    You can pick up some really cute box frames like this from Hobby Craft and personalise using some of the ideas in this Pinterest Board.

  3. Wine / drink with comedy label.
    Easily design something in PowerPoint or Photoshop or use this one I’ve made for you. Just pop it into PowerPoint and then add your family name where the space is. The simplest font used is Helvetica which most computers should have so you can use that for your family name.

  4. Give the gift of reading to those less fortunate than ourselves.

    Bow mum of two, Niv suggests the gift of reading: “I saw this suggested once and thought it was a really nice idea (perhaps in combination with some chocolates or something simple for the teacher themselves).”

5. Smellies & Potions
You can’t go far wrong with smellies. Local Tower Hamlets mum Anne-Laure sells Neal’s Yard products from her online facebook store and home in Bow. Get in touch and she can help you pick the perfect gift.

ADDENDUM: I’ve added a brilliant suggestion from another local mum, and early years educator, Lucy, who says:

“As much as getting little treats to say thank you is super kind and generous, new resources are gold dust ✨ I’d urge everyone to find out if there’s something that the class needs. If every parent bought one new book the next class would have up to 30 new books in their classroom 👍🏻.”

”I use The Book People and will buy a pack of 10 books for £9.99 and the Helping Hands Fine Motor Skills tools.”

Plenty more personalised gift ideas on my Pinterest Board here.
Got any more ideas, please leave a comment or add them to the Pinterest Board.

Sara xxx