I've been passionate about photography for over 20 years, initially learning how to capture and develop images using film SLR cameras and the black and white darkroom. These days I use a Canon 5D Mark 4 & Mark 3 (backup) plus a range of Canon L-series portrait lenses; with my digital “darkrooms” of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom running on my trusty Mac.

Rocking Horse Photography was born 4 years ago, out of a combination of my love for photography and my new view on life, after becoming a parent myself.

I have created maternity, newborn, baby and family portraits in the studio, outdoors or at home, for hundreds upon hundreds of local East London families, and have even won a few photography awards for some of them.

I am very proud to have been chosen by each of my families. I know there are plenty of photographers out there, and certainly I am not the cheapest, but I do know and am so often told that the quality of my photography, the finish of my products and level service I provide is amongst the best. I pride myself on exceptional service, partnering with the finest professional-only print labs and framers of the country, and my continuous investment in training and equipment, to ensure I am always creating the most stunning images I can, in a fun and relaxed environment. But don’t just take my word for it - scroll down to see what others are saying (you can also read more of my all-5* reviews on Facebook and Google).

Get in touch to speak about how I can create family portraits for you.